A new wave of refreshingly unique healthy drinks produced from highest quality fruits and herbs using state-of-art technology. The highest efforts and attention have gone into crafting this delicious range of original beverages.

Product Information

Herbrista, has a lot of different flavors of juices and teas under their belt

  • Black Ice Coffee
  • Black Ice Tea
  • Ceylon Tea
  • Bael Juice
  • Chrysanthemum Juice
  • Lemongrass with fresh ginger Juice
  • Longan Juice
  • Lotus Root Juice
  • Roselle with Jujube Juice
  • Roselle Juice

Black Ice Coffee

Black Ice Coffee is made from roast Robusta and Arabica coffee that help decrease the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and prevents oxidation in the body.

Black Ice Tea

Black Ice Tea is roast fermented tea served with ice. It’s a fragrance and nicotine refresh and helps regain one's nerves and helps prevent heart disease.

Lemongrass with Fresh Ginger Juice

Lemongrass with Fresh Ginger Juice is herbs that help relieve dyspepsia symptoms and help suppress cough. Herb juice extracted from boiling lemongrass and ginger would in light yellow color fragrant with lemongrass other that ginger.

Roselle Juice

Roselle Juice is a vivid red colored sweet and sour juice rich in vitamin C. Krajiab is a small tree with trunk and branches in purple and flower in pink. It helps intestinal and digestive functions and improves cholesterol and phlegm.

Sweet Tamarind Juice

Sweet Tamarind Juice is a well-known popular perennial plant among the Thais. It is believed that this big tree brings luck and virtue. Tamarind is highly recommended for constipation and helps suppress cough and phlegm.

Longan Juice

Longan Juice is a golden brown color refreshed juice fragrant with sweet Longan fruit. Longan tree is a big tree in tropical zone with a height of 30-40 feet growing in many Asian countries. Increases appetite and energy while helps sleep soundly.

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