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BigStep Food & Beverage LLC, was established in 2014 in Dubai, UAE. With the aim of bringing flavors from around the world to the Middle East, we are actively looking for unique F&B concepts and products to introduce in the region. Our attention focuses on authenticity of ingredients, freshness and above all health benefits. We are well versed with top level customer relationships and professionalism. We enjoy and value our partnership with our clients and customers alike.

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Our Brands
  • The Nutraceuticals, (Nutrition + Pharmaceutical), is a delicious health supplement which contribute to day-to-day wellness by preventing chronic disease. No tablets, enjoy good health through tasty grape and GAC fruit drinks.

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  • A new wave of refreshingly unique healthy drinks produced from highest quality fruits and herbs using state-of-art technology. The highest efforts and attention have gone into crafting this delicious range of original beverages.

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  • Fresco ORJAMIC was designed to provide the best-tasting and highest quality jams. Wholesome organic goodness. Naturally grown and sweetened with unbleached organic brown sugar. No preservatives, no artificial flavors, no chemicals.

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  • Flavored tea produced from organic and traditional local herbs. The properties of this herb help to alleviate flatulence, nourish the blood and body, and relieve stress. It also boosts the circulatory system and is a good remedy for the common cold.

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  • Big Step brings you Fresco Fried Garlic & Onion, our very own brand of carefully selected high quality products. Fresco is full of aroma, it's crispy fried and is very convenient to use as an instant condiment in flavoring your dishes.

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  • V Fresh Coconut Milk Drink is a delicious blend of Thai green coconut water and fleshy fruit. The white meaty goodness and coconut juice are blended together until smooth, mixed with nata de coco and a pinch of salt.

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